Master Test Automation For Agile Projects

Deliver Real-World Test Automation Confidently And Efficiently
Without Wasted EffortFlaky Tests or Missed Deadlines  

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Take Control Of Test Automation In Your Projects!
  • Stop struggling with flaky and unreliable tests
  • Make a real, visible impact in your projects, to help your team and your career
  • Write tests faster and more reliably, so you can spend time automating new test cases, not fixing old ones
  • Build a Collaboration Framework that makes your whole team go faster
  • Avoid the three most common test automation traps that sabotage test automation efforts in a majority of teams.
  • Discover a simple, four-step process for creating a robust and scaleable automation framework that can work for any domain.
  • And find out how one tester reduced the size of his code base by 60%, and can now write new tests 5 times faster.
Today's projects need a new, more agile approach to test automation where tests are easier to write, easier to maintain and more valuable to your team
- Charles, Software Tester, Puerto Rico
  Changed my way of looking at test automation
- Carla,
Software Tester
Already got me thinking - it's great!
- Łukasz, 
Test Automation Engineer,
 Warsaw, Poland
 Really interesting suggestions!
- Santiago, 
Test Manager, 
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Bonus Video Tutorial

See What Agile Test Automation Looks Like In The Real World

The techniques described in the playbook really are game-changing. You will discover practical, pragmatic tips and tricks to improve your test automation and make your life as a tester easier.
But once you check out the playbook, you'll want to know how these techniques work in the real world
How YOU can apply these practices to your own projects.
A lot of folk have been asking about this, so I've added a full video tutorial to walk you through how agile test automation in high-performing teams really works.
In this video tutorial you'll see an in-depth example of modern agile test automation practices in action, all the way from analysing the requirements right through to automating the test cases and reporting on the results.
The link is on the next page - you won't want to miss this!
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